Established in 1948, “Lian Thong” is the oldest coffee shop in Malaysia. The owner Mr. Teoh has passionately pursued his unique idea to make a quality coffee. After much research and testing, they have developed an aromatic coffee using high quality of ingredients such as Arabica, Robusta and Liberia coffee beans mix with non-dairy creamer and sugar called ‘White Coffee’. After decades of improvement, and in order to meet the modern changes, Mr.Teoh’s family member, Mr. Ho Seong Hoey, managing director of Ipoh Home’s Café developed the 3 In 1 instant white coffee in the 2002 to suit the modern lifestyle under the brand called “Home’s Café”. For the past ten years “Home’s Café” has become extremely popular among many local coffee enthusiasts and has received high praise from both local and overseas.

White coffee is a traditional products originated from Ipoh Perak, Malaysia. There are some differences between white coffee and regular coffee such as, the selection of coffee bean, roasting process and the brewing method. Traditional white coffee normally used the high quality of coffee beans like Arabica coffee beans due to its relatively pure taste. Besides, roasting processes between white coffee and regular coffee are different. White coffee is roasted at low temperature without adding caramel. However, black coffee is roasted with caramel at high temperature and it makes the taste bitter sourly and charcoal flavor. Light roasts able to retain most of the prominent single origin flavor of coffee and reduce caffeine level and bitter sourly taste.

To be recognized and accepted as the leading producer of Traditional and Original Ipoh White Coffee under the Malaysian brand name of:”Home’s Café” White coffee in the global market.

To promote the Original Ipoh White Coffee through continuous innovative development without sacrificing the quality and original white coffee sensation to meet customer’s satisfaction and to be the preferred brand.